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5 Signs That A Loved One Might Be Addicted

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5 Signs That A Loved One Might Be Addicted

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How can you tell if a loved one is addicted?


I would like to share 5 Signs of Addiction with you in this article in hopes that you can spot it before it’s too late.

Substance abuse can be stealthy and silent in individuals who experience it. At least for a while. But eventually, some tell-tale warning signs of addiction will start to show. You may begin to see changes in your loved one’s behavior or relationships. Perhaps you’re noticing some secretive habits or escalating needs.

Often, friends and family members are aware of these hints that there is a problem but don’t want to admit what is going on for their loved one. They might make excuses for the behaviors they see and the concerns they have. They sometimes try to rationalize the warning signs they notice in their partner, child, parent, or friend.

Fair Park Counseling can get you started on a safe journey to healing and recovery. Our highly-trained counselors are here to help everyone impacted by addiction. From individuals to families, we provide support and treatment through all stages of recovery.

But First, Choose Wisely

If you suspect that someone has an addiction problem, and you are looking into rehab options, be cautious. It is critical to seek help from a local Substance Abuse Professional, Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, or Master Addiction Counselor. These professionals can provide proper assessments along with referrals to reputable facilities.

Unfortunately, there are endless scams online that prey on the vulnerability of those suffering from substance abuse. Pop-up ads and 1-800 numbers may lead you directly to unqualified lead generators who make commissions off of referring people to disreputable, non-therapeutic centers.

These entities make a lot of money off of the pain and suffering of others. They rely on the desperation of whoever is making that phone call, and they provide nothing in return.

When you see signs that a loved one might be addicted, be sure to turn to a local, certified provider. This person should have the correct training in assessing addiction issues to make beneficial and legitimate referrals for treatment. At Fair Park, our highly-qualified counselors can provide outpatient treatment, addiction counseling, and referrals for inpatient care.

Five Signs of Addiction

If you have wondered about a loved one’s drug or alcohol habits and find yourself doing web searches on signs of substance abuse, there may be a problem. Here are the top five signs that someone may be struggling with addiction.

1. Escalating Use

Typically, those who experience addiction do not start out with a major bender right off the bat. Instead, their consumption and habits grow and escalate over time. If you notice that a friend or family member starts to increase the frequency or amount that they are using alcohol or drugs, you are wise to be concerned.

When the occasional drinker starts consuming alcohol every day, or multiple times a day, it can be a sign of addiction. And if they get upset when you question their use or suggest they not have a drink, then pay attention to that giant red flag.

2. Secrecy

When addiction takes hold of a person, they will do just about anything to stay in that space. They will become secretive and deceitful so that loved ones won’t try to make them stop drinking or using.

You may find that your spouse or child or friend is not honest with you about where they go or who they are with. They might be trying to hide the escalation of their substance abuse. If you find that your partner is trying to dispose of cans and bottles without you seeing or is hiding drugs or alcohol in random places, there is a problem. This secrecy is a sign that it’s time to look for reputable help.

3. Ignoring or Forgetting Responsibilities

Everyone forgets a commitment now and then. It happens. But if your loved one repeatedly blows off responsibilities at home or work, it’s time to look more closely. Addiction often leads people to stop getting to work on time, if at all. It can cause individuals to not show up at family events because they are out drinking and forget. Or maybe they refuse to go anyplace that doesn’t have alcohol, like a child’s piano recital. If you see this happening consistently or frequently, seek help.

4. Consistent Reliance on Drugs or Alcohol

When someone suffers from addiction, they will turn to their substance of choice to try to alleviate any or all of these emotions:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Boredom
  • Sadness
  • Feelings of overwhelm
  • Frustration

Many people choose to unwind with an alcoholic beverage now and then. But someone who must have a drink or consume other drugs in order to find relief is probably addicted.

And if they become agitated and fearful at the thought of not having a drink available, they are very likely suffering from substance abuse.

5. Dysfunction in Relationships

Addiction disrupts every relationship the person has. From coworkers to parents to spouses to friends, nothing goes untouched. Someone experiencing substance abuse is likely to end up in fights with others on a regular basis. Since their thinking may be cloudy and slow due to their addiction, they can become belligerent and paranoid. Their behavior can lead to tension in all of their relationships. If you see that a loved one is struggling to maintain friends or keep a job due to their consumption, that is a significant sign of addiction.

First Steps to Getting Help

With or without these signs, if you feel concerned enough to be seeking information, it is probably time to get help. Addiction is one of the most powerful forces in existence, and it is not something you or your loved ones should handle alone.

Now is the time to find a local addiction specialist to give you advice, assessment, and a referral to the appropriate kind of treatment.

Give yourself and your family and friends the best Outpatient Substance Abuse care possible with Fair Park Counseling. Don’t get pulled into paying for sham rehab centers. Trust the compassionate team at Fair Park to give you an accurate assessment and a referral for competent help.

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