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3 Unique Benefits of Outpatient Therapy

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3 Unique Benefits of Outpatient Therapy

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Why Should You Consider Outpatient Therapy?

Have you been thinking about seeking help for addiction issues but aren’t sure how to fit inpatient treatment into your day-to-day life? Outpatient therapy could be exactly what you’re looking for. Outpatient counseling is an excellent way for you to get the support that you need without having to worry about leaving behind your daily responsibilities and obligations.

If you don’t require a medically assisted detox, you could receive all of the benefits of professional assistance throughout the week without the hassle of inpatient treatment. And, you can keep your privacy intact and return to the comfort of your own home at the end of the day.

How Outpatient Therapy Services Can Help Your Mental Wellness

Addiction can take a toll on your mental health wellness. Many people develop substance abuse issues as a direct result of having unhealthy coping skills and feeling mentally unwell. One of the major benefits of outpatient therapy is how it can enable you to recognize the patterns and behaviors that have negatively impacted your mental health.

Once those issues are addressed, a substance abuse counselor can work with you to develop coping mechanisms that are likely to be effective for you based on your own individual needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to recovery. Everyone’s different! But by seeking professional outpatient services, you can work to develop the solutions that are right for you, which in turn reduces the chances of a relapse. The added structure and the professional support that outpatient care gives to those in treatment goes a long way when it comes to recovery.

What About Intensive Outpatient Therapy?

One of the new Outpatient Therapy Services Fair Park Counseling is working to bring to our Tupelo MS Counseling Practice is a modality known as Intensive Outpatient Therapy. You may see it abbreviated as IOP or IOP Therapy. As the name alludes to this is an intensive program. Intensive Outpatient Therapy is a Group Therapy/Group Counseling program guided by our expert in-house Substance Abuse Professionals, Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselors, and Master Addiction Counselors.

Our Intensive Outpatient Therapy is designed for those who have had an assessment and are recommended for the program. Once everything is in place, Fair Park Counseling’s IOP will be accepting clients into our 9-week Intensive Outpatient Therapy Program. This program is for you if you do not need a medically supervised detox. After your initial assessment, we can tell you if this program is for you or if you may need a recommendation to inpatient treatment.

Benefits of Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment & Alcohol and Drug Services

Outpatient alcohol and drug services have many benefits, which is why they continue to be a significant part of the recovery process. These advantages reach beyond the obvious—who doesn’t want to sleep in their own bed? For instance, outpatient treatment is far more cost-effective than inpatient care, making it an excellent option for those who want to get serious about their recovery but are on a budget.

Another one of the benefits of outpatient therapy is that it provides people in recovery with flexibility. You’ll only be required to be at the facility during treatment and will have the freedom to tend to your daily obligations in between sessions. However, if you are experiencing a severe physical addiction, inpatient treatment and medically assisted detox may be recommended to ensure your safety. If your physical addiction is such that you need medically assisted detox services, we suggest an assessment and referral from a local Substance Abuse Professional or a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor.

We mention this often for one big reason. Local Licensed Professional Counselors, Substance Abuse Professionals, and Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselors are networked in with real, legitimate treatment centers that have a proven track record of helping people beat their addiction. You can’t always trust so-called “treatment centers” online. Some are not local. Some are not even treatment centers. They are salespeople who are selling you, your addiction and your pain to the highest bidder.

3 Benefits of Outpatient Therapy for You and Your Family

1. Outpatient Therapy Tends to Be More Discreet

Would you like to avoid potentially awkward conversations about your recovery? Often, when a person enters inpatient treatment, they are required to inform their employer or come up with an excuse to explain their absence. Outpatient therapy avoids this by allowing people the flexibility to carry on with their daily routines.

2. Most Facilities Offer Services for Family Members

We know that concern and care for your family may be part of why you’re entering recovery. Unfortunately, the effects of substance abuse reach far and wide. Family members of those with substance abuse issues often need additional support themselves. Outpatient clinics frequently provide a variety of services to help family members, such as support groups, marriage counseling and full family counseling.

3. Aftercare Services

Aftercare services are another one of the benefits of outpatient therapy. If you’re putting in the work to reach recovery, you want to stay there. Proper aftercare is just as important as the initial treatment when it comes to preventing relapse. You can work together with your substance abuse counselors and other outpatient treatment professionals to develop an aftercare plan that adequately addresses issues that you may face once treatment is over.

Why Should You Choose Fair Park’s Counselors in Tupelo, MS for Your Substance Abuse Treatment Needs Including Alcohol and Drug Counseling?

At Fair Park Counseling, you’ll work with a team of compassionate and understanding counselors with over 60 years of combined professional experience. We have a proven track record of assisting individuals with regaining control over their lives.

Fair Park Counseling is highly regarded by the local community for our outpatient alcohol and drug counseling services. We offer comprehensive drug and alcohol assessments, referrals, and high-quality outpatient treatment services so that people can get the support that they need without having to sacrifice their day-to-day responsibilities and obligations.

Our office is conveniently located and easily accessible. We understand that many clients value discretion, which is why we have designed a private entrance for our clients to use.

We strive to assist individuals and families with reaching their goals. Through our proven methods and techniques, we have a successful track record of helping our clients get the results that they need to live healthy lives. If you’re looking for addiction recovery services in the Tupelo area, our team of experts is ready to assist you on your journey.

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