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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Online Therapy

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Online Therapy

With changing technology and packed schedules, online tele-therapy, and tele-counseling are now very popular. But many questions are floating around among counselors and patients alike.

Some people wonder if online therapy is the right fit for them. Others worry about the qualifications of those offering this service. And many people love it and are learning how well it benefits them.

If you are considering virtual counseling or tele-therapy, you are in excellent company. It is a viable option for thousands of people. The experts at Fair Park Counseling are here to serve you in person or through a secure tele-health platform. Call us today to get started.

Why Would I Consider Online Therapy?

Seeing a doctor or other provider online instead of in-person is odd to many people. It’s so different from everything they’ve known. And for some patients, online options still aren’t a great fit.

But for most clients, virtual help enhances their well-being. Here are some reasons that people choose online therapy for their wellness.

  • Convenience – It is easier to schedule a session when you do not have to plan time for driving. Meeting from your home or office is a convenient way to make use of this self- care. The ability to connect from home is also ideal for those with small children. Planning childcare for your kids so you can see a therapist is challenging. With online service, you might skip that step.
  • Comfort – Imagine meeting with your therapist in your cozy PJs. You can curl up on your sofa with a cup of coffee in your favorite mug. And then login and get the help you need.
  • Access – Many small or rural communities do not have therapists or counselors nearby.

Driving an hour or more for therapy is unrealistic for most people. With online therapy, however, you can connect to a provider anywhere.

  • Privacy – When you meet with your counselor online, you do not have to worry about seeing someone you know in the waiting room. This concern stops many people from seeking therapy. Online counseling removes this issue.
  • Mobility – When you have found a therapist you connect with and love, you want to stick with them. If you must move, it can devastate to make a change. Online therapy can allow you to keep working with the same counselor, even when you don’t live nearby.

How Can I Make Online Counseling Work Well For Me?

One counselor cannot be the right fit for every client. And the same is true for online therapy. This format does not always work for everyone. But for those who want to try it, there are some important things to consider.

To ensure your online therapy is effective, be sure to pay attention to the following pieces.

  1. Credentials and Licensing – All online treatment is not equal. Free and inexpensive apps that offer counseling have popped up all over the place. But many of them do not have licensed individuals on the other end. Make sure that when you interview anyone for online therapy, you ask about their experience. Be sure they have a license to practice and the expertise to serve you. You can search their license number to get more information about them.
  2. Security of the Platform  – With few exceptions, HIPAA regulations apply to teletherapy appointments just as they do in person. During the COVID-19 crisis, some states eased these requirements. But it is essential to ask your counselor how they handle security. Therapists now should all have access to a platform that meets HIPAA expectations.

You want to know that your session with the counselor is secure, confidential, and private.

  1. Payments – Until recently, many insurance plans did not cover online counseling. Now, however, most companies will cover telehealth appointments with your therapist. When you interview potential counselors, ask them about their payment policy. Some clinics or providers will not bill insurance. They accept private pay only. If they do not take insurance coverage, ask if they offer a sliding scale for payments.
  2. Your Comfort – If you want to try online therapy, you need a space that works for you. A special place where you can focus and relax as you meet with your counselor. Make sure your family can give you the time to commit to your session. To be effective, teletherapy requires a safe space to share thoughts and feelings with the counselor. You also may want to explore several options for your appointment: phone call, video call, or texting. End the end, if you feel safe with the platform and setup, you will get more from the session.

Fair Park Counseling Serves You Where You Are

In times of calm and times of crisis, having access to counseling is essential. No matter where you are, we would love help. Our expert team of licensed professionals is ready to serve you online or in person.

For excellent tele-therapy options, reach out to a Fair Park Counseling branch nearest you today.
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